There are only two lasting bequests
we can hope to give our children. One of these
is roots, the other, wings.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Counseling for Children

Children today grow up with intense social pressures and complicated family circumstances.

Very often, their emotional needs are overlooked, even by the most sincere parents because of the fast-paced lifestyle that most parents experience. Unfortunately, our children are most impacted by this way of life. If your child is acting out, not getting along with friends, feeling sad or angry, or his grades are falling, our seasoned counselors at Isaiah Counseling and Wellness can help.

You are not alone. Parents often feel overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, or helpless when it comes to creating a more balanced child. You’ve tried many things, and still don’t see a change. Through our counseling for children services, we will help you and your child to deal with behavioral and emotional issues so they can enjoy their childhood again.

Are You Feeling Stuck and Don’t Know What to do Next?
Have you tried everything and still wonder how to help your child deal with the stress of life? As a parent, it is not enough to only meet the material needs of your child. A healthy childhood means much more. Our friendly, experienced counselors at Isaiah Counseling and Wellness will help you and your child deal with their daily stressors and peer pressure, in the most effective way.

Counseling for your Child can Help

For years, through individual, child and family counseling, we have helped parents have more peace in their family and feel more confident as parents, while helping children:

> feel happier and more confident
> become more respectful and cooperative
> handle the stress of life better
> enjoy interacting with the family and talk more openly

We know one of your most important jobs is being a parent, and we want to help make it easier for you. Call us today at 704-910-2055 or email us for your free confidential 10-minute phone consultation or to schedule an appointment.

As one of the most frequently sought after practices for counseling for children in Charlotte NC, we create and maintain a warm, comfortable environment. Our non-judgmental approach will help your child feel more comfortable talking about difficult, personal life experiences.

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