Just because you are happy,
it does not mean that the day is perfect,
but that you have looked beyond
its imperfections. – Bob Marley


Our wellness services and alternative therapies are all aimed to bring about a deep lasting healing change. We incorporate the integration of counseling, nutrition, massage, and yoga for a lifestyle change that achieves balance and well-being.

Charlotte yoga, yoga classes, Wellness
Yoga in Charlotte

For many people, yoga serves as a retreat from the busyness of life. It supports deep breathing, relaxation, and helps you become deeply rooted in your sense of self. Incorporating yoga into your routine can help enhance your health, increase strength, and reduce stress.

We want you to be well. Join our experienced yoga instructors for a group yoga class or individual session. 

Charlotte massage
Massage in Charlotte

Massage therapy is a self-care practice, a method of relaxation, and helps to relieve pain, tension, worry, anxiety, and depression. It can act as a support for your emotional processes, bring relief to pain, and allow your body to return to a state of balance.

nutrition in Charlotte
Nutrition counseling in Charlotte

If you’ve told yourself you need to eat better, or you struggle with getting started or staying consistent, you are not alone! Without the proper nourishment, it is difficult to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

At Isaiah Counseling & Wellness, as part of our overall holistic approach to wellness, we aim to offer nutritional guidance that helps you get the most out of life.