Living your best life by
engaging in counseling,
as well as, creating balance
with lifestyle changes,
and holistic support.

When life has you feeling overwhelmed or unfulfilled, or when you decide you simply want to make yourself more of a priority, we get it.

At Isaiah Counseling and Wellness, we are passionate about improving the whole person. Our services are aimed to help you bring about lasting change. We integrate counseling, nutrition, massage, and yoga for a lifestyle change that helps you create more balance and improve your well-being. Each of these services are provided individually or collectively to promote a better quality of life for people.

Isaiah Counseling & Wellness, one of Charlotte, NC’s premiere practices, serves a broad range of people through Individual Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Couples Counseling, Counseling for Children, Counseling for Women, Counseling for Men, and Family Counseling.

Wellness Services

Our Philosophy

At Isaiah Counseling and Wellness, we can help you on a journey towards greater emotional balance, self-awareness, self-confidence and happiness. You can live the life you want. You can feel good again. You deserve it, and we’ll help you get there! We offer holistic approaches to wellness. A space where the body is honored, the heart is healed, and the mind is calm.