“Nothing ever goes away, until it
teaches us what we need to know.”
-Pema Chodron


Meet our team, Charlotte counselorsIsaiah Counseling and Wellness was founded in 2010 to provide quality private psychotherapy services. The practice was initially established as Isaiah Counseling and Consulting, after Shawntal left her hospital career. Later joined by her husband, Derwin, they have grown into a thriving group practice who prides itself on building genuine relationships with people who want support through some of life’s difficult times.

Now, Isaiah Counseling and Wellness, the practice has expanded to offer a more holistic wellness experience, bringing you greater value and care. We offer in-depth holistic healing services for the body, mind, and soul. We believe in deep and lasting change to help you feel great about your relationships with others and with yourself.

Our goal is to help you move past fear and struggle, and into better alignment, with the life you long for. You are so much stronger than you think! Be proud of how far you have come!