Wisdom, compassion, and courage are
the three universally recognized moral
qualities of men.
– Confucius

Counseling for Men

Counseling for Men in Charlotte, NCAre you feeling like you are at a crossroad in life?

Perhaps simply feeling confused?

As a man, it is common to experience many different stressful, personal and professional issues that may be related to day-to-day life circumstances. At Isaiah Counseling and Wellness in Charlotte, NC, we offer the help and support you need to sort out your life stressors. Whether it is worrying about bills, feeling inadequate, or that the weight of the world is on your shoulders, we are here to help. We have an experienced team of counselors that offer counseling for men in Charlotte, NC.

Professional Counseling Services for Men
Isaiah Counseling and Wellness offers professional counseling services for men in a laid back environment. Regardless of the nature of the issues you are experiencing, our counselors are here to listen to you and help you stabilize your life.

If you are completely honest with yourself, you know that, as men, we often minimize our burdens, thinking we can handle them on our own. But these burdens can weigh you down, making you less productive at work and in your personal life, without you even noticing it. You may be plowing through life, shouldering the weight of these burdens, until your significant other or friends notice and give you a swift kick in the butt. You probably didn’t notice your withdrawal from normally fun activities until someone mentioned it to you. These issues may even cause a fight with a loved one because you are on edge more than usual. A few sessions with our counselors can help you handle these challenges better, so you can achieve the success you deserve, at the pace you have always wanted.

Private Counseling Services for Men
Isaiah Counseling and Wellness counselors maintain the highest level of privacy. You can therefore approach us without any hesitation. Bound by our professional seal of confidentiality, all personal thoughts and emotions that you confide with our counselors will be guarded closely.

Important Areas of Counseling for Men

Job Stress
Financial Responsibility
Marriage / Relationship issues
Sports related
Sexual Dysfunction
Childhood abuse
Self esteem
Conflict management
…and much more

We invite you to get in touch with us right away to book an appointment with one of our experienced counselors. The first step, calling for an appointment, is the most difficult part of the process. Once you take that first step, the rest will be taken care of by our highly qualified counselors