There is danger in letting people misname you. If you are a fire,
do not answer when they call you a spark.
-Upile Chisala

Meet Samantha

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Have you been feeling lost, overwhelmed, feeling misunderstood, or like you do not fit in?  Maybe you’ve felt lonely, confused, anxious or depressed. Or perhaps you feel uncomfortable in your own skin? Navigating through the challenges of life can be difficult.

These feelings may have you thinking that you are alone with no light in sight. I get it, and I am here for you. I support people who are feeling misunderstood or uncomfortable in their skin. I help people reach a place of understanding and self-love through in-person and online therapy. Whether you are a multiracial individual, LGBTQ individual, teenager, young adult, man or woman, if you are feeling a loss of identity or clashing identities or you are feeling like it is hard to love yourself, I will be there next to you. I work to support you and to make sure you can reach that place of content with yourself and what makes you… you.

When working with me, people feel heard, understood and respected. They feel more confident.  People feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted, and can finally feel comfortable navigating their place in life. That being said, I would love to support you along your journey towards acceptance, self-love, and comfortability.

I am LGBTQ/Queer affirmative and passionate about working with people of all racial, spiritual, gender, sexual, and intersecting identities.

Professional Background: Over the years, I have supported children, teenagers, adults and families. I am passionate about working with adults who experience anxiety, depression, loss of identity, self-esteem and body image issues. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Appalachian State University. Following that, I received my Master’s degree in Social work from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Personally: Aside from counseling, I enjoy cooking, being outdoors, and watching Netflix. I have a dog who I absolutely adore. On weekends, you can find my dog and I hiking, at the park, or checking out dog-friendly locations around the Charlotte Area.

Let’s connect!  If you are ready to take the first step…Contact me today at 704-910-2055 for a free 10-minute phone consultation. To make an appointment click the button below to schedule through my online calendar. It’s easy, convenient, and confidential. I look forward to working with you!