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A Mental Health Perspective for Your to Consider

Given the complexity of today’s society, everyone is struggling with something. We have been impacted by death, war, civil unrest, and a pandemic that continues to challenge our country’s healthcare system. We are currently in a recession and the cost of food, gas, housing and necessities are steadily increasing.

Many of us cope with life’s stressors by indulging in work, or areas of interest that sometimes serve as a distraction from the day-to-day influences that we cannot control. Over time those distractions no longer hold our attention and we become consumed with filling voids or looking for love and acceptance from strained interpersonal relationships that become heightened.

Conflict, anger, disappointment, and resentment often affect our mood, health, career, and relationships with other people. It is important to remain aware of your emotions and consider a safe space to show vulnerability, receive support, and set boundaries that protect your peace of mind. It is alright to be selfish, despite the negative connotation. It is healthy to decline an invite or set boundaries that remove you from others’ expectations.

Here are some things to consider when prioritizing your own wants, needs, well-being, and peace over meeting the expectation of others:

Know Your Limits: Never feel guilty about canceling plans-with priorities set, there will be times when you cannot participate in an event. You can have the best intentions yet overextend yourself adding unnecessary duress.

Setting and implementing Boundaries: it is important to know your comfort level in certain situations. When you set personal boundaries, you are letting others know what you prefer and what you are not okay with. It is helpful to re-evaluate boundaries and expectations to maintain balance.

Incorporate Self-Care: Engaging in a self-care routine means that you are taking care of yourself so that you can be healthy, focused, and accomplish your goals. Self-care has been known to help reduce anxiety, depression, and stress, while increasing happiness and energy. Schedule self-care activities regularly.

Rest & Relaxation: Are your sleeping 6-8 hours per night? Rest…relax…as our body and mind need to reset. Slow down. Pace yourself. Put down devices without feeling guilty, so that you can restore your energy and level of functioning.

Exercise/Stay Active: Do you exercise regularly? Adding daily movement to your routine in whatever way works for you, has been clinically shown to help boost endorphins and improve your mood. Take a brisk walk daily, during your lunch hour, or after work, if you are unable to get to the gym. Every little bit helps.

Stay Inspired: Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you. Engage in activities, hobbies, and interests that help you feel renewed. Consider volunteering within your work organization, sorority, church group, children’s school events, etc. Sometimes when we witness people with different circumstances our gratitude shifts.

Self-Love is a basic human necessity. It symbolizes how you treat yourself, how you allow others to treat you, and your overall positive view of yourself. This is an ongoing process. You forgive yourself when you make a mistake. You try to remain positive in difficult times and put your needs and desires first when you can.

As life presents challenges, we find ways to navigate those situations. Be mindful of the things you tell yourself during these times, your emotions, how your body feels, and how you respond. Acknowledge when you need support and reach out when you do. Isaiah Counseling & Wellness has a team of passionate therapists here to support you through life’s tough times.