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Remember the last time you joined a new company? You were probably a little anxious about how things would work out and how you would handle everything…right?

The same thing happens with a child going back to school or even with first-timers starting kindergarten. It’s normal for them to feel worried or nervous, too.

Some children can become so nervous about returning to school that it could affect their sleep, appetite, and cause them to feel physically sick. Noticing these changes is essential in helping your child work through them. As summer vacation comes to an end, thoughts of returning to school can trigger a lot of emotions, such as excitement, nervousness, and anxiety. Parents can help them deal with these emotions so they can feel more at ease about going to school.

Child returning to school

5 Ways to Respond

If your child shows signs of anxiety, here are a few tips that may help you to help them with this sensitive matter.

Listen To Your Child: Acknowledge their feelings and let them know that it is normal for kids to worry about school. Pay close attention to their responses to see if the anxiety seems to interfere with their day-to-day functioning.

Help Your Child Connect with His/Her Teachers: Children need to feel connected with their teachers so that they can focus in class, learn and feel happy about going to school. It’s a good idea for parents to attend the orientation programs and introduce their children to their teachers.

Take Care of the Basics: To help your child cope with anxiety and stress, ensure your child is getting enough rest, eating well, and is leading a balanced lifestyle.

Focus on the Positive: Encourage your children to redirect their attention from worries and help them focus on the positive aspects. Help them feel more comfortable so that they can enjoy being a kid.

Take Care of Yourself:As a parent, you know that sometimes your child’s behaviors can be annoying. These are the times when you have to remind yourself to be patient and try not to sweat the small stuff. Children take cues from their parents, so the more calm you can be, the more confident your child will feel.

To help your children deal with the anxiety and stress of returning to school, contact Isaiah Counseling & Consulting. We can help you navigate through these changes and help you both feel more confident about starting the new school year. You’ve Got This!